All the new high jewellery launches from Paris Couture 2024

See the most exciting new high jewellery collections from January's spring/summer 2024 season at Paris haute couture week, from Dior, Louis Vuitton and David Morris to De Beers, Boucheron, Chaumet and Graff

22 January 2024

By Kim Parker

There’s nothing like a little diamond sparkle to get you through the blustery grey days of January. And with the start of 2024’s haute couture presentations in Paris comes news of precious novel collections inspired by everything from Mother Nature to military regalia.

Here, we count down our favourites.

De Beers

De Beers Forces of Nature,Buffalo Crown Ring and Zebra Jacket Ring and Elephant Crown Ring and Giraffe Crown Ring from Paris Couture Week 2024
De Beers Forces of Nature haute joaillerie colllection includes the Buffalo Crown ring, Zebra Jacket ring, Elephant Crown ring and Giraffe Crown ring, all POA

Diamond producer and jeweller De Beers owes everything to the powerful forces of nature which have formed the rare gemstones at the heart of its business. This season’s couture high jewellery collection is a sparkling homage to that fact, with eight one-of-a-kind rings inspired by eight different animals native to Southern Africa, a region that contributes a huge portion of the jewellery house’s annual diamond production.

Each ring highlights a magnificent ‘hero’ diamond, specially chosen by in-house experts for its incredible character and quality. The Lion Jacket Ring, for example, features a 5.09 carat warm white trillion cut diamond, surrounded by a mesmerising ‘mane’ of beaded yellow gold and pavé set diamonds of graduating size, all topped off with a pear-shaped yellow diamond. A hidden clasp allows the jacket to open, so that the unique central diamond can be worn on its own as a solitaire ring.

De Beers Forces of Nature, Lion Jacket Ring_Original_46637
De Beers’ Forces of Nature Lion Jacket Ring, POA


Dior Delicat collection from Paris haute couture week
Dior Délicat collection from Paris haute couture week

Dior Joaillerie’s creative director, Victoire de Castellane, derives endless inspiration from the fashion designs of the house’s inimitable founder, Christian Dior. This season’s Dior Délicat collection is a nod to the exquisite delicacy of the couturier’s embroidery, with complex compositions of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, rubellite and tanzanites arranged to resemble airy lace, floral detailing and rows of perfectly neat stitches, as if crafted by the maison’s own petite mains.

Dior Delicate high jewellery earrings
Dior Délicat high jewellery earrings

With an assemblage of white diamonds and deep blue tanzanites set in pink gold to look like tiny daisies, a pair of deliberately asymmetric earrings takes on the character of floral appliqué, whilst another white gold and diamond set – comprised of a cuff bracelet, eye catching necklace, double ring and earrings – feature pique (‘spotty’) diamonds to resemble organic floral detailing.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton couture high jewellery
The white gold and diamond ‘Myriad’ high jewellery necklace by Louis Vuitton

Over at Louis Vuitton, Francesca Amfitheatrof’s bejewelled journey back to the origins of the earth continues with Deep Time Chapter II (an addendum to Deep Time, which launched last summer). As before, red carpet-worthy collar necklaces take centre stage in a collection of 50 new one-off pieces filled with dazzling abstract patterns inspired by shifting tectonic plates and the earliest forms of life.

And there are plenty of show-stopping highlights. Graphic yet sinuous, the Myriad suite bristles with a wave of white gold ‘nails’ echoing the double helix of DNA in a dramatic necklace and matching cuff (plus a white gold ring and several pairs of earrings). Meanwhile, the rounded, mushroom-like motifs and subtle, almost fleshy colours of the Symbiosis set takes their cue from early fungi. At its heart is a luminous triple-stranded necklace which shimmers with pale pink and purple spinels from Vietnam and Tanzania, plus clusters of glistening white diamond pilei, topped with the house’s signature star-cut diamonds (which feature throughout the whole collection as a unifying theme).

Louis Vuitton haute couture high jewellery
Louis Vuitton’s spinel and diamond Symbiosis necklace from Deep Time Chapter II


Cartier Le Voyage Recommencé couture jewellery
Cartier Le Voyage Recommencé

As with last year’s Le Voyage Recommencé collection, Cartier’s artisans have been given almost carte blanche to build upon themes central to the Maison for this year’s spectacular jewels. The result is a new chapter full of light, volume and juicy colour inspired by the natural world.

High jewellery earrings from Chapter II of Cartier's Le Voyage Recommencé
High jewellery earrings from Chapter II of Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé, with coral and emerald beads and tiny turquoise cabochons

One of its highlights, the Yfalos necklace, is a paean to the wonders of a coral reef, with two oval turquoise cabochons (one like clear sea foam, the other marbled with brown veins, like our watery earth seen from space) surrounded by undulating waves of white diamonds, ribbed coral beads and polished emeralds. Another necklace features the house mascot, a panther – perfectly picked out in diamonds and onyx – jealously guarding a fruity cluster of peridot, diamond and coral beads. A third necklace, the rose gold Intrico, showcases the beguiling hues of ancient natural treasures like obsidian, jasper, and petrified wood.

Movement features highly, too. The urchin-like Pileo cocktail ring can be twirled around like a wearable diamond disco ball, whilst the dizzyingly geometric Spina sapphire necklace can be flipped upside down to form a tiara. It’s all a bit Wonka-esque, but in the best possible way – it’s fun and fizzy and utterly fabulous. “We explore so many territories to push the boundaries of creation and discover new horizons,” says Cartier’s director of high jewellery creation, Jacqueline Karachi, of the dazzling pieces.


BOUCHERON - Médailles necklace set with a 1.04 ct round diamond and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold copy
Boucheron’s new couture ‘Médailles’ white gold necklace is set with 1.04 carat round cut diamonds and rock crystal. It took 2,230 hours to create.

Last year, Boucheron’s creative director, Claire Choise, was inspired by a pair of aquamarine clips created by the house for Queen Elizabeth II. For 2024 she’s reimagining the striking ceremonial regalia that adorns military uniforms, such as those worn by the late Queen’s husband, Prince Philip.

Boucheron haute couture high jewellery Noeud brooch
Boucheron’s high jewellery white gold, rock crystal and diamond ‘Noeud’ ribbon can be detached from its necklace and worn as a brooch on its own

A striking demonstration of how less can be more, the 24 jewels that make up the Power of Couture collection are solely crafted in white diamonds and rock crystal (a favourite material at the Maison), which has been carved in myriad ways to resemble frogging, braiding and silk ribbon.

It’s an eminently transformable collection, too: a collar of 15 medal-like pendants can be taken apart and two of them worn independently as brooches; a delicate diamond tiara morphs into a lacy collar necklace, and a frosted rock crystal ‘bow’ necklace can be worn six different ways, including as a brooch or shoulder adornment.


Un Air de Chaumet couture high jewellery collection 2024
The Plumes D’Or tiara from Un Air de Chaumet

It’s up, up and away at Chaumet, as its new high jewellery line, ‘Un Air de Chaumet’, takes us on a feathered flight of fancy. Birds have been an important theme throughout the Maison’s 240-year history and this season, their airy plumage has been transfigured into a very contemporary-looking collection of white and rose gold ear cuffs, brooches and hair pieces – including a light-as-air tiara.

Un Air de Chaumet haute couture jewellery collection
The gold and diamond ‘Ballet’ earcuffs from Un Air de Chaumet resemble diving swallows

One particular highlight, the ‘Ballet’ set, features a flight of swallows (a universal symbol of happiness) recreated in gold, performing an eternal aerial dance. Nine little birds gather together for a hair pin, their diamond plumage adding an alluring sparkle to any up-do (a trio can even be detached to form another flock, becoming a pretty brooch), whilst two others dip downwards to become a pair of ear cuffs.

David Morris

David Morris high jewellery bangle
David Morris Starburst Bangle from the Skye haute couture jewellery collection

David Morris’ latest high jewellery collection, Skye, gives a loving nod to a pair of eternal inspirations for CEO and creative director, Jeremy Morris. Not only is it suffused with colours and motifs derived from Morris’ love of the heavens, in particular the Aurora Borealis, but its name is also a personal tribute to his youngest daughter.

David Morris high jewellery earrings
The David Morris high jewellery Arc Earrings

Morris’ great love for vibrant stones is clear, as varied shades of blue, yellow, green and pink gems have been used throughout the collection to replicate the vibrancy of the aurora – as in the eye-catching Starburst statement cuff, with its 58.88 carats of blue sapphires and 52.12 carats of neon-bright Paraiba tourmalines set in white gold, or the shimmering Arctic Dance choker, featuring 21.23 carats of pink spinel and 6.52 carats of blue spinel drops suspended from a lattice of starry white diamonds. The collection also celebrates rose-cut diamonds, an antique feature that Morris revived over two decades ago and that has become something of a house speciality.

“The Northern Lights are magical in their uniqueness, just like us,” says Jeremy Morris. “This transient beauty is endlessly inspiring to me, and the Skye collection is my way of capturing the spirit of this fleeting moment forever.”


Graff high jewellery
Graff high jewellery couture earrings with fancy intense pear-cut yellow diamonds weighing 25.02 and 25.06 carats, set in yellow and white gold

As a purveyor of some of the world’s rarest gemstones, it makes sense for Graff to put them at the centre of any high jewellery collection, paring back everything else including metal frameworks and extra ornamentation. Cue its new high jewellery collection with cocktail rings, necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets all featuring important stones in geometric arrangements.

Graff haute couture ruby and diamond necklace
Graff high jewellery necklace featuring a central oval-cut Mozambique ruby weighing 9.09 carats, plus further cushion cut rubies and white diamonds, set in platinum and white gold

For one necklace, baguette, pear and round-cut diamonds have been judiciously set around precious Mozambique rubies, with minimal amounts of the white gold and platinum frame visible so the stones appear to float magically on the skin. Another giant cuff sees an extraordinary 118.17 carat cushion cut Sri Lankan sapphire balanced atop layers of baguette cut diamonds, which serve to enhance its colour and splendour. The sole figurative piece, a dove-shaped cocktail ring, sets a 3.50 carat oval cut diamond in the centre of a nesting bird, its glittering wings and tail curled gently around the stone in a statement of love and protection.

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