Anine Bing on her new fine jewellery collection

Anine Bing was quick to the Instagram game when it launched back in 2010, now she's adding jewellery to her empire

By Jessica Bumpus 

A former model, Anine Bing was quick to the Instagram game when it launched back in 2010. Such was her sense of taste and style that she quickly grew a following—her personal account now boasts almost 1m followers, while her eponymous brand has 336k followers—and she launched a clothing line in 2012. It’s the sort of elevated basics that she herself wears and which made her so popular to begin with. Having opened stores globally, Bing, who hails from Sweden but now resides in LA, her empire continues to grow. And fine jewellery is now a part of that offering. Here, she talks us through her own penchant for jewellery and why she felt it should feature in the Anine Bing universe.

Tell us about the fine jewellery collection? When and why did you decide to launch it?

Jewellery has been a category that has meant so much to me, long before I started Anine Bing. I was always obsessed with trying on my grandmother’s jewellery as a child. When I started the brand, I knew right away I wanted to create my own pieces. I still wear some of the first pieces of jewellery I ever designed for the brand. I love being able to create timeless pieces for my consumers, that they can mix and match and wear for decades. We’re expanding the category this fall, to make it more accessible, by launching gold plated styles.

Where does it fit into the Anine Bing world and strategy?

I always dreamed of launching a modern-day luxury fashion house. I wanted to create a wardrobe for the modern woman that felt approachable, effortless and not overcomplicated. The multifaceted woman leads a very busy life––between work, family, and kids––so quality and craftsmanship are very important to me when it comes to designing pieces that are intended to last a long time. Our jewellery category falls perfectly into this strategy. We’ve really cemented ourselves as a brand that has everything a modern woman could need to create a streamlined wardrobe, including fine jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Where did you get your inspiration from? How did you want it to look and why?

Vintage pieces are a great place to start for inspiration. I’ve always wanted our jewellery collection to work seamlessly alongside our other categories. I’m proud to say that we’ve stuck to the vision all these years later. The collection is constantly evolving but still remains wearable for years to come. I hope my customers will pass down their pieces to their daughters one day.

Which are your favourite pieces and why?

My engagement ring, of course. From my line, I love our Gold Ball Charm. It’s so simple and versatile, I love popping it on to any of our fine gold chains. We recently  launched some of our best selling styles in silver, it’s fun to mix the two metals.

How much jewellery do you yourself wear?

I always say less is more, except for when it comes to jewellery. I love layering my pieces, I feel jewellery really completes any look. I always have multiple earrings in, with a chain or two and multiple bracelets. We just launched a few new bracelets that I’ve been loving: our red string bracelet, and ruby chain bracelet.

What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery holds a lot of sentimental value for me. So many of my pieces are tied to big moments in my life. That’s what I hope our jewellery represents for the Anine Bing women: being able to invest in timeless, high-quality pieces to wear everyday or to celebrate milestones in their lives.

Do you have a particular jewellery moment or memory?

I remember being a little girl and being so in love with a little bird gold charm my grandmother was always wearing. After she passed I got the little bird and it is such a special charm that brings so many memories. I think jewellery is all about memories. I love investing in special pieces that I one day can pass on to my daughter.

How would you advise wearing your jewellery?

As I mentioned, we design everything across all of our categories to work together, that especially goes for our jewellery. I think it’s always up to someone’s personal preference as to how they wish to style anything. But for me, I love having fun with our jewellery. I like to stack rings/bracelets and add different charms to our chains.

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