Aquamarine birthstone jewellery for March birthdays

Celebrate a March birthday in sparkling style with these beautiful blue aquamarines, the birthstone for those born in March. Below, our edit of the very best available to buy right now

By Kim Parker

Ranging from palest ice through to rich vibrant blue, aquamarines are known as the treasures of mermaids and fishermen alike. Shimmering aquamarine birthstones have been associated with the sea since time immemorial. Sailors and ocean-going explorers both wore aquamarine jewellery as a talisman, to ward off sea-sickness and to protect against shipwreck.

Ancient Greek and Roman sailors caught up in a storm are believed to have thrown their aquamarine jewels into the foaming waters to appease the angry gods. But the gemstones, which are a form of beryl, haven’t just been prized for centuries for their mythical ability to calm angry seas. In the 12th century, they were thought to protect soldiers in battle, settle furious debates and bring clarity to all communication. They have also been associated with calming and soothing moods and easing stomach upsets.

The ancient historian, Pliny the Elder (23AD – 73AD), recommended looking at greenish gemstones such as emeralds or aquamarines to refresh tired eyes. Some medieval scholars took this a step further and associated aquamarines with the gift of foresight. They believed that crystal balls carved from ‘watery green’ aquamarines were the very best for telling fortunes. Shamans, too, believed the gemstone aided powerful soul work, and used it to aid meditation. 

These days, aquamarines have become known as the birthstone for March, and are also associated with 19th wedding anniversaries (perhaps it’s all that help with calm and communication?). They are also amongst the world’s most popular gemstones.

Aquamarines are often found in larger crystal sizes and renowned for their sparkling clarity. Because of this they are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a March birthday. Equally, an aquamarine ring would make a romantic and glamourous engagement ring choice for anyone thinking of popping the question this year. 

Here’s our edit of the best and most brilliant available to buy right now. 

Ruth Tomlinson ring
Aquamarine, diamond and yellow gold ring, £2,400, Ruth Tomlinson
earrings by Cartier
Aquamarine, opal and diamond earrings, price on request, Cartier
Gemella necklace
Beaded aquamarine and moonstone necklace, about £1783.50, Gemella
Karma El Khalil earrings
Aquamarine drop earrings, £5,083.04, Karma-El-Khalil
Crystal Haze aquamarine birthstone pendant
Aquamarine and pave pendant, £62, Crystal Haze Jewelry
Marlo Laz aquamarine birthstone necklace
Aquamarine necklace, price on request, Marlo Laz
Hirsh London aquamarine birthstone ring
Aquamarine and diamond cocktail ring, price on request, Hirsh London
Kiki McDonough aquamarine birthstone earrings
Aquamarine and diamond drop earrings, £7,500, Kiki McDonough
Nak Armstrong aquamarine birthstone ring
Aquamarine and opal ring, about £6,041.50, Nak Armstrong
Monica Vinader aquamarine birthstone bracelet
Aquamarine and gold vermeil bracelet, £170, Monica Vinader
Brent Neale aquamarine birthstone necklace
Aquamarine and agate shell pendant, about £8,544, Brent Neale
Mateo earrings
Aquamarine, pearl and topaz earrings, about £4,014, MATEO
Sig Ward aquamarine and enamel gold bracelet £3,740
Aquamarine, gold and enamel cuff, about £4,213.5, Sig Ward Jewelry
Harwell Godfrey aquamarine birthstone necklace
Aquamarine and gold necklace, about £3,536, Harwell Godfrey
Minka aquamarine birthstone earrings
Aquamarine and pearl hoop earrings, £2,750, Minka Jewels
Luisa Alexander aquamarine birthstone bracelet
Aquamarine bracelet, about £7,323, Luisa Alexander
Annoushka aquamarine birthstone earrings
Aquamarine, white gold and diamond earrings, £1,885, Annoushka
MilamoreMarch Birthstone Necklace 18K Yellow Gold Aquamarine& Diamonds £1402
Aquamarine birthstone pendant, about £1,581, Milamore
Marie New York aquamarine birthstone ring
Aquamarine and gold ring, £2,092, Marei New York

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