Boucheron’s newest high jewellery celebrates the regalia worn by royalty

The French maison's new high jewellery, the Power of Couture, nods to the ceremonial regalia that adorns royal military uniforms, such as those worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip

7 February 2024

By Livia Primo Lack

In her latest high jewellery collection for the veteran Place Vendôme jewellery house Boucheron, creative director Claire Choisne has flipped the switch on ceremonial attire, creating a versatile repertoire of sophisticated medals and other ornaments to build a precious and high fashion jewellery collection that evokes strength and individual style. 

Boucheron’s The Power Of Couture

All twenty-four high jewellery creations are inspired by the shape of service pins and medals of honour received by those who serve, as well as the textures and sewing techniques used in the art of Haute Couture, in which the most skilled craftsmen turn simple thread and fabric into wearable works of art.

Each of these pieces can be transformed, mixed, matched and paired to create an endless variety of looks, including buttons that double as hair ornaments, brooches that snap onto larger necklaces, epaulettes that when put together form a choker and last but not least a high collar Collier that breaks into two smaller yet equally magnificent statement necklaces. 

Boucheron’s The Power Of Couture

Unlike military uniforms, Choisne avoided the classic yellow-gold and multi-colour palette of army badges and instead focused on clean white materials to convey a striking uniform look, creating a modern fashion statement.

Using solely white gold, rock crystal, and diamonds to make these one-of-a-kind wearable works of art, the Boucheron craftsmen managed to combine these materials to create a set of sophisticated and supple silk fabrics, breaking free from the preconceived limitations of these rigid precious materials by manipulating them into fluid and soft forms. The Noeud brooch is perhaps the best example of this feat of craftsmanship. Artisans spent two thousand six hundred hours hand carving rock crystal strands to create a Grosgrain ribbon pattern, emulating the fluidity of an actual ribbon bow. 

Boucheron’s The Power Of Couture

In another bold choice, all pieces were modelled by women during the exclusive preview shows, conveying the message of female empowerment and equality across a fashion genre that is predominantly made for men. Bold and unprecedented, each piece strikes confidence and awe in all who see it.

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