Casa Castro showcases fine jewellery in full bloom

Colourful gemstones are hand-carved into shoulder-dusting earrings and dramatic cuffs for Casa Castro's new Mother Nature collection. Here, discover all you need to know about the Brazilian jeweller and their refreshingly modern take on floral jewellery

18 August 2022

Ever since Antonio Teixeira de Castro founded his eponymous jewellery house on São Paulo’s XV de Novembro Street in 1922, the brand has been associated with a love of colourful gemstones – including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires – impeccable craftsmanship and an artistically-inspired vision.

Exactly one hundred years later, his descendants are continuing to create unique gemstone-studded jewels using the same time honoured techniques, but with a distinctly modern sensibility. Today, the family firm is helmed by Antonio Carlos de Castro Tinoco Cabral, and his daughters Vivi and Kika (the founder’s granddaughters), who are now responsible for the house’s natural-inspired designs. In their hands, polished cabochons of neon blue topaz, golden citrine, and forest-coloured emeralds are transformed into diamond-winged
bumble bee earrings. Their Mother Nature collection comprises slices of silky green serpentine, red jasper or lapis lazuli hand-carved into shoulder-dusting earrings and dramatic cuffs resembling vine leaves set with gold and diamond veins, whilst other earrings boast natural seashells combined with coral-tinted Amazonites and peachy moonstones.

More contemporary materials include lightweight aluminium, tinted with vivid hues and set with complementary coloured jewels in organic frilled earrings that resemble lily pads or the delicate gills of mushrooms. The sisters credit their father with imbuing them both with their discerning eye for quality and pursuit of an ‘impeccable finish’ in the art of jewellery making. “It’s been a part of lives from day one,” they say.

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