De Beers launches second chapter of its Metamorphosis high jewellery collection

Revealed at Paris Couture Week 2023, the collection takes inspiration from the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each theme has its own distinct aesthetic, showcasing the diamond pioneer’s exceptional craftmanship

By Maria Jakobsen

De Beers has launched chapter two of its anticipated Metamorphosis high jewellery collection at Paris Couture Week, a continuation of its January 2023 collection, Prelude.

Prelude harmoniously converged the four seasons of the year into nine pieces, including an ear cuff strung with four titanium chrysalises to symbolise spring, summer, autumn, and winter. During Paris Couture Week 2023, De Beers takes its inspiration from nature’s continuous evolution one step further, by splitting the 37-piece collection into each season and giving each a distinct aesthetic. 

De Beers introduces Metamorphosis Chapter II high jewellery collection for 2023
Rose gold and white gold petals capture the femininity of the King Protea flower

“In Chapter Two, we continue this poetic ode to the beauty of nature’s constant evolution and welcome four beautiful butterflies. They are an iconic emblem of De Beers and a symbol of our boundless creativity,” said Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers.

Spring is represented by the overlapping petals of the King Protea, a large flower native to southern Africa where many De Beers diamonds are unearthed. The Spring set takes inspiration from the flower’s feminine hues, showcased in delicate diamond-set petal motifs carved in white and rose gold.

De Beers introduces Metamorphosis Chapter II high jewellery collection for 2023
The Summer set sees bold motifs, such as fossil spirals, captured in yellow and white gold

The Summer set finds inspiration in the mesmerising spirals of ammonite fossils. Its pairing of white gold, yellow gold, white diamonds, and rough and polished fancy yellow diamonds, radiates the warm colours of summer. With spectacular volumes and bold motifs, the Summer set forges a link between prehistoric creatures preserved in time and Mother Earth’s natural diamonds, showcasing their origin.

Autumn’s russet colours are captured in curves of rose gold, hand-painted in grand feu enamel – the first time this expert technique has appeared in a De Beers collection. Like the rest of the ‘Metamorphosis’ collection, the Autumn set champions movement, mirroring the movement of windswept leaves in its swooping silhouettes.

De Beers introduces Metamorphosis Chapter II high jewellery collection for 2023
De Beers uses expert grand feu enamel techniques for the first time in Autumn set

Lastly, the Winter set captures the glacial beauty of the season in graphic diamond shards, representing fragments of ice on frozen lakes. Polished textures evoke images of sunlight dancing on ice, and excellent craftsmanship creates a fluidity where the pieces hug the contours of the body and move with the wearer. 

De Beers introduces Metamorphosis Chapter II high jewellery collection for 2023
Geometric shapes mirror frozen shards of ice in the Winter set

Across the whole collection, the transformative power of diamonds is clear. Championing movement and versatility, 20 pieces are transformable, while modern multi-finger rings, ear cuffs and an avant-garde tiara showcases the metamorphosis at the heart of De Beers as they establish themselves as a daring high jewellery house.

All the while, De Beers’ unparalleled access to Earth’s most beautiful diamonds, including a 2.78-carat fancy intense pinkish purple cushion-cut diamond and a 7.61-carat fancy vivid yellow cushion-cut diamond showcased in this collection, still situates them as a world leader in the diamond market.

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