Fourteen emerging talents to have on your radar

We spotlight the fourteen up and coming stars that you need to know about. Included are Adam Azin, Kit Clarke, Banita Sandhu, Guy Remmers and Aziya styled in the finest jewellery from Cartier, Chanel and Gucci

Story by Joshua Hendren, Photography by Morgan Hill-Murphy, Styling by Brillant Nyansago

They’re the names on everyone’s lips. The new faces shaping 2023 and beyond, from boxing sensation Adam Azim to actor Banita Sandhu and rising indie musician Master Peace. Taking time out of their busy schedules, the rising stars convene in central London to discuss their latest endeavours and future ambitions, each bedecked in spectacular creations from heritage maisons and independent fine jewellers alike, spanning Cartier marvels and Louis Vuitton’s new LV Volt to the finest pearl gems by Tasaki.

Poised to dominate 2023, here are the emerging talents to keep firmly on your radar.

Banita Sandhu

emerging talents
Banita Sandhu wears De Beers white gold DB Classic eternity line necklace set with diamonds

Banita Sandhu was completing her studies at King’s College London when she first dazzled on the big screen in Shoojit Sircar’s 2018 film October. Since then, she has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting young creatives, capturing the youthful excitement and timeless grace of a movie star in the making. On set with Something About Rocks, Banita is all smiles as she discusses all things that glitter.

“I’m obsessed with jewellery,” she says with an ear-to-ear grin that radiates confidence and positivity. “I’m always reaching for a good gold pair of hoops or a bracelet stack. I do wish I wore more rings, though. Maybe that’s something I need to invest in next. Maybe I need an engagement ring,” she laughs. As for the pieces she’s currently eyeing up: “a Bulgari Serpenti bracelet, the flexible one that you can just wrap around your arm. That’s a big one.” With a number of exciting projects coming up, no doubt Banita will be shimmering in the legendary jewelled serpent in the not-too-distant future.

Annie Tagoe

Annie Tagoe wears Cartier rose gold Clash de Cartier necklace set with onyx and diamonds; Rachel Gilbert dress

You may have caught a glimpse of British sprinter Annie Tagoe dominating the world of athletics in the GB team. Or, perhaps you’ve seen the IMG model behind the lens, gracing campaigns for global brands. Whatever the case, you’d best familiarise yourself with this rising star as she blooms into one of the UK’s leading Black voices in sport.

On set with Something About Rocks, golden talismans by Cartier highlight Annie’s natural radiance as she discusses her most treasured jewellery. “I have one piece I wear all the time, my cross chain. It was my first ever expensive piece of jewellery,” she reveals. “I was going through a dark time, and I just needed something to get me going. The cross felt very close to my heart, so I just went with it.” So, what are the pieces Annie is looking to fill her jewellery box with next? “I want a Cartier Tank watch,” she says, a giggle tinged with excitement. “That’s my goal for next year, and I’m going to make it happen.”

Master Peace

emerging talents
Master Peace wears Boucheron white gold Jack de Boucheron Triple Wrap bracelet set with diamonds (worn around neck); Louis Vuitton shirt and jacket

Master Peace, aka Peace Okezie, the genre-bending British musician that has been carving his own path in the indie scene since 2019, will soon be on your radar. If you need proof, simply look at his latest single, Veronica, which explores the feeling of young love with a nostalgic, defined, mature edge. Glimmering with the rebellious spirit of Jack de Boucheron, the covetable, contemporary collection from the mind of Claire Choisne, Boucheron’s creative director, Master Peace speaks to Something About Rocks about his day-to-day jewellery wardrobe.

“Normally, I wear my shell necklaces or my beads or a chain that I got gifted when I was younger,” says Peace, who cites the likes of Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, MIA and La Roux as his musical influences. “The chain I wear all the time. I feel like it protects me,” he adds. “It brings me good luck.” With the release of his new EP Peace Of Mind set for 24th February, we’re expecting his star to shine even brighter in 2023.

Guy Remmers

emerging talents
Guy Remmers wears Louis Vuitton yellow gold LV Volt multi ring and white gold LV Volt one pendant set with diamonds; Hermès shirt and trousers

The future is oh-so bright for Guy Remmers. Born and raised in Bristol, the British actor is a rising star bubbling up under the surface, ready to make his mark in the entertainment space for 2023. His latest project is the hotly-anticipated Apple TV+ adaptation of Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel The Buccaneers, in which Remmers will play Theo, Duke of Tintagel, England’s most eligible bachelor.

On set with Something About Rocks, Guy is warm, dashing and brilliantly charming. Dressed in graphic forms from Louis Vuitton’s new LV Volt collection, he details the various jewels in his personal treasure trove. “I love jewellery,” says Guy, who looks to the sculptural, textured creations of London-based designer Octi for his most precious pieces. “[Octi] is a good friend of mine. I just came from her showroom in Paris. I am really into watches too, but I don’t really wear one at the moment,” he adds. “I really like Blancpain. I’d love a Blancpain Moonphase watch or a Patek Nautilus. But that’s a pretty high one to aim for,” he laughs. One thing is for sure – Guy Remmers is a name that we’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming year.

Cameron Mackintosh

Cameron Mackintosh wears Bulgari aluminium Amerigo Vespucci GMT Special Edition watch; Louis Vuitton shirt and blazer

When he’s not spearheading a whole host of new model faces making their mark on the menswear scene, Cameron Mackintosh is leading the world traveller’s lifestyle. In his new series for Prime Video, The Wanderer, Cameron is challenged by Tripadvisor to curate a travel guide uniquely inspired by locals and reviews. With little to no knowledge of what to expect, he immerses himself in the adventurous activities of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Far from the desert’s hidden gems, on set with Something About Rocks, Cameron delves deep into his jewellery box, a limited-edition Bulgari GMT Amerigo Vespucci timepiece strapped to his wrist.

“I only wear jewellery that’s sentimental to me. Whether it’s from a family member or places I’ve visited. I feel conflicted just going out and picking myself something up just for the look of it,” he reveals. “There are two pieces that I never take off, my signet ring, which is my Scottish heritage so it has my family clan crest on it. And, on my right hand, I wear a red ruby,” adds Cameron, who purchased the ruby on a trip to India after receiving an astrological reading. “I said to this jeweller, I want a silver band made with this ruby. So, he made it for me and intentionally left the bottom cut open, so the ruby touches my skin,” he notes. “In astrology, the sunlight is meant to pass through the stone, touch your skin, and bring you good luck.”

Nemar Parchment

emerging talents
Nemar Parchment wears Polite Worldwide silver Pink Pearl necklace and Stella earrings; Roksanda coat

Multi-hyphenate Nemar Parchment has garnered unstinting attention through his bold fashion choices and barrier-breaking creative talents. Born and bred in Brixton, the London College of Fashion alumni likes to keep his fingers in different pies – he’s one of the pioneers of IMG’s male brawn division, a singer-songwriter and the owner of Born In Brixton, a beautifully curated vintage boutique birthed from Nemar’s own struggle of finding second-hand gems as a plus-size male.

“Growing up in Brixton was a melting pot of music, fashion and culture,” says Nemar, charting the evolution of his artistry dressed in pinkish pearls from Los Angeles jeweller Polite Worldwide. Discussing his personal relationship with jewellery, Nemar looks back on vivid memories of bold, gold gems worn by his closest family members. “My dad would always wear these massive rings and thick chains, and that’s where my love for jewellery really started,” says Nemar. Today, Nemar references these jewels in his own day-to-day style. “To this day, I still wear that kind of jewellery – rings on every finger. I love chunky, kind of tacky pieces,” he laughs. “Overstated and very in your face.”


Aziya wears Gucci yellow gold Link to Love ring set with tourmalines, white gold Link to Love solitaire ring set with diamonds, white gold Link to Love ring set with rubellite and white gold Link to Love bracelet; Louis Vuitton dress

With a liberal helping of sparkle, Aziya Aldridge-Moore channels the glitz and glamour of rock and roll on set with Something About Rocks. Since the release of her knockout single Slip! in May 2021, the East London-based musician and producer catapulted to global stardom, dropping her debut EP, We Speak of Tides, and amassing a staggering social media following along the way.

“I grew up in a household where my parents were playing System of a Down and Patti Smith but also playing Prince and A Tribe Called Quest, and I think that enabled me to go on my own journey and find music that I loved,” says Aziya, of turning her passion into a career. “It really spurred me on to become just like these artists I would interact with growing up.” Just as multifaceted as her artistry is Aziya’s taste in jewellery. “I feel naked without jewellery. It definitely helps to create my persona when I’m on stage,” says the BRIT school alumni. “I’m still working out whether I’m a gold or silver girl. I’m currently being quite controversial and mixing them all up,” she laughs.

JJ Guest

emerging talents
JJ Guest wears Tasaki yellow gold Fine Links necklace set with Akoya pearl and diamonds and yellow gold Fine Links ring set with Akoya pearl and diamonds; Dunhill top and blazer

“I’m very much into taking things apart and putting them back together again. I guess I’m just trying to get people to look at things a little bit longer in a different way,” says JJ Guest. With a unique point-of-view rooted in collage and motion graphics, the London-based artist has been a go-to for fashion giants like Prada, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Bottega Veneta for forward-thinking digital content and installation work. For his most recent project, Guest lent his creative eye to the aesthetics of football to explore homoeroticism and homophobia, informed by his own discomfort as a fan around other supporters.

“I have a gallery in Tottenham stadium,” he reveals. “Their work is all about football and art and how they exist together. Being a queer artist and talking about football, especially since growing up in Birmingham, where football was quite a big part of my upbringing, has been amazing.” When choosing his day-to-day jewellery, JJ Guest opts for one piece close to his heart. “I have one necklace I wear all the time,” he notes. “My dad was in the army just before I was born, and this is his St. Christopher,” Guest adds, pointing to his pendant. “I can’t leave the house without it. Often jewellery is admired based on its monetary value, but I think the sentimental value is way more significant.”

Toby Watkins

emerging talents
Toby Watkins wears Annoushka wears yellow gold Smiley charm and chain set with sapphires and diamonds; Nanushka jacket

At just 16, Toby Watkins got his start in the modelling world. “When I was at school, my girlfriend at the time’s aunty was a casting director for a kid’s brand called Johnnie B, which is part of Boden.She sent me to this casting, and I actually got the job and ended up doing a campaign for them,” says Toby, who was scouted by IMG in 2018. “I was making good money from it and thought maybe I could try and make a thing of this.”

When it comes to his relationship with jewellery, the London-based videographer first developed a passion, specifically for rings, while interning for Serge DeNimes, a brand founded by TV personality Oliver Proudlock. “I used to be obsessed with rings,” he notes. Today, Toby is exploring a burgeoning interest in watches. “I bought myself a Rolex Datejust last year. That was a pat on the back moment for me,” he says with a grin. As for the tickers currently on his wishlist: “a Rolex Day-Date with a gold dial and a matching Jubilee bracelet, that’s the dream.”

Adam Azim

Adam Azim wears Ouie silver and yellow gold Noise bead necklace

Adam Azim is on a meteoric journey towards becoming one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. In the past 12 months, Adam has boxed five times and won all those bouts with explosive inside-the-distance finishes. As Adam’s fledgling professional career transforms into a captivating one, the 20-year-old Briton took time out of his hectic schedule to attend a portfolio shoot with Something About Rocks.

On set, Adam is at once excitedly puppyish and yet reassuringly easy-going, dressed in punkish mixed metals by OUIE, the jewellery brainchild of British designer Louie Cresswell. “For me, jewellery is a treat,” says Adam. “You’ve got pieces you can enjoy and take with you throughout life.” As for the future, Adam is looking forward with joy and optimism, as 2023 promises to be a standout year for the boxer. “I’ve got five fights this year, and I’m headlining most of them,” he reveals. “I want to get all my fights knockout. I’m just extremely excited for whatever comes.”

Chef Exose Grant

Chef Exose Grant wears Ouie silver Garnet Cage signet ring and silver and yellow gold Noise chain necklace; John Smedley top; Nanushka trousers and shirt

At just 18 years old, Exose Grant Lopo-Ndinga landed his first professional chef job with TV favourite James Martin. But eagle-eyed viewers will most likely recognise Exose from the 2019 edition of Masterchef: The Professionals, where his exceptional cuisine landed him a place in the grand final. Having fine-tuned his talents on Bake Off: The Professionals, you can now find Exose in the kitchen of BLVD Manchester, a Pan Asian-inspired restaurant and bar, which Exose took over in early 2022 at the age of just 24 years old.

As we sit down in a photo studio bustling with people, Exose is beaming as we discuss his future career path (“I’m gonna go work in a fine dining restaurant in Manchester,” he explains) and the dreamy gems on his wishlist. “My birthday is coming up, so I’m going to be shopping around for a gold chain,” says the chef, who credits his mother’s strong sense of personal style with having triggered his growing interest in jewels. “I remember when I was younger going into my mum’s room, and she just had so many stands layered with jewellery,” he reminisces. “My mum and my sisters wear a lot – the boys in the family, not so much.”


JGrrey wears Suzanne Kalan yellow gold huggie earrings set with pastel sapphires and yellow gold choker set with diamonds; Zimmermann dress

With her streetwear-chic style, impeccable makeup and hair, and bubbly personality that radiates through her intimate vocals and textured sound, JGrrey is the musician set to rule 2023. But while the soul songstress has seen her star rise rapidly and even toured alongside Billie Eilish, JGrrey reveals that she never had any intention of becoming a recording artist.

It wasn’t until friends encouraged her to sing on a track that she began nurturing her musical talent. “The only reason I started to pursue music was that I didn’t like the first song I made,” she reveals. “And I thought, no, I could do this better. So, I kept trying, and now I’m here.” Dressed in a striking baguette-cut choker and huggies by Los Angeles-based Suzanne Kalan, JGrrey twinkles as she describes her taste in jewellery. “Ask my partner – I love all jewellery,” she laughs, Kalan’s kaleidoscopic stones sparkling in the studio light. “I usually wear huge, thick rings by different designers. The Great Frog makes some amazing silver pieces. I’ve also had custom rings made to remind me of my parents,” adds JGrrey, who isn’t afraid to dip into her mother’s jewellery box. “I wear all my mum’s jewellery,” she says. “She’s got this amazing archive of yellow gold Sri Lankan jewellery. Those feel so special to me. If I’m about to go on stage, I love to wear all my mum’s pieces.”

Razan Nassar

Razan Nassar wears Chanel Fine Jewellery white gold Eternal N°5 single earring set with diamonds, white gold Eternal N°5 ring set with diamonds and white and beige gold Coco Crush toi et moi ring set with diamonds; Chanel jumpsuit

Whether it’s a red-carpet event or a glamorous photoshoot brimming with high-ticket jewels, Razan Nassar never fails to fascinate us with her unique style and ethereal energy. After starring in 2022’s Pistol, the Danny Boyle-directed six-part series which follows the rapid rise of the English punk rock band the Sex Pistols, there’s little doubt that Razan is one rising star that will have you glued to the screen in 2023.

Adorned in lustrous Chanel creations, Razan is a goddess-like vision as she discusses her most sentimental jewellery. “My mum has had the same long, gold necklaces since I was a child,” she reveals. “So, whenever I get to wear them, they feel really special to me.” For 2023, Razan hopes to expand her repertoire and bring joy into her life with compelling projects that challenge her as an actor. “I think my goal as an actress is to be involved with as many good stories as possible,” she says. “So, I’m just excited to see what happens.”

Kit Clarke

Kit Clarke wears Cartier yellow gold Santos de Cartier necklace, yellow gold Juste un Clou ring and steel Tank Française watch; Nanushka blazer and trousers

If you haven’t heard of Kit Clarke, you will very soon. Not only is he on an unstoppable rise to the top of the modelling world, but is soon set to captivate on screen as a young Rupert Everett in a new biopic Lost and Found in Paris. Dressed in Cartier on set with Something About Rocks, the up-and-coming star muses his most sentimental jewellery. “I wear one ring, which is on my wedding finger actually, even though I’m not married, which is a friendship ring given to me by my best friend,” he says, twirling the precious piece around his finger.

Clarke currently stars in Hulu’s Hellraiser, a bold re-imagining of Clive Barker’s classic 1987 supernatural horror film. “My dad gave me a watch for my 21st birthday, and it was an Omega Speedmaster Mark II from 1969. It was rare, awesome. I wore that a lot too,” says the actor, shifting to his relationship with watches. “But then, I needed rent one day, so I was like, “My dad won’t mind, I’ll just sell it.” I got a really bad price for it, and I wasted a watch, so if you’ve got a 1969 Speedmaster Mark II, under no circumstances should you sell it,” he laughs.

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