G-Eazy discusses his new album and love of Rolex watches

Chart-topping rapper G-Eazy is working on his seventh studio album. Here, he previews his new release and shares why he buys Rolex and why Cartier is important to him

12 July 2023

Photography by Andrew Woffinden; Styling (jewellery) by Felix Bischof; Styling (fashion) by Anastasia Walker; Story by Will Lavin

There’s no place like Paris in springtime. The distinct smells of cherry blossoms in bloom and freshly baked bread fill the streets, as does the bustling sound of people congregating around tables outside the many bars and cafés spread throughout the city. The sun glistens as G-Eazy takes a sip of his morning coffee. He says he’s jet-lagged having just got off a red-eye flight from New York, but you’d never know because of the wide and seemingly unmovable smile that’s spread across his face.

“My soul is full again,” the Bay Area rapper (real name Gerald Gillum) explains. “I’m happy, excited and motivated, which is a beautiful place to be.” This heartfelt revelation comes after a tough couple of years for G-Eazy, whose mother, visual artist Suzanne Olmsted, passed away in November 2021. In addition to losing his “biggest inspiration”, he suffered a burnout due to his relentless touring and recording schedule as well as other work-related obligations. “I’ve never been good at vacations,” he admits. “It was always work, work, work, but eventually I became too drained and had to step away.”

G-Eazy wears Cartier white gold Baignoire watch (small model), with black leather strap, and set with diamonds; Dior clothing

Returning in March with a brand new single, ‘Tulips & Roses’ — which was written and recorded in Paris — G-Eazy, who took a two year hiatus, now wants to take back his position as one of rap’s most sought after artists. “It’s very rare air,” he says of his previous achievements, which includes several chart-topping albums and an array of multi-platinum-selling singles, like the global smash hits ‘Me, Myself & I’ and ‘Him & I’.

As he prepares to reinsert himself back into the mainstream discussion, G-Eazy meets Something About Rocks at a private location in the heart of the French capital. Excited for his first cover shoot with the magazine, he’s as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind the mic, modelling pieces by Bulgari, De Beers, Cartier and Louis Vuitton. The day before the shoot, G-Eazy sat down with us to discuss the importance of staying grateful, his “remarkable” late mother and her love of Cartier pens, and how the City of Love inspired his return to music.

G-Eazy for Something About Rocks 2023
Tasaki Atelier white gold Cove bracelet, set with Ahoy pearls and diamonds; De Beers white gold RVL signet ring, set with white round diamonds; Chaumet white gold Liens Évidence ring, set with brilliant-cut diamonds; Hermès jumper

You’re in Paris for your Something About Rocks cover shoot. What is it about the French capital that you love so much?

Paris is the first city I got to travel to overseas. The first time I left America I went with my mom when I was 15. She got an artist grant and residency to go work in a studio in Belgium and we turned it into a six-week trip through Europe; Paris was the first place she took me to. She talked about Paris my whole life. She said the most beautiful women in the world are in Paris and she wanted to take me to see all the art and architecture, and tell me about its history.

What do you remember about that first trip?

I remember walking through the city and just being in awe of its beauty. It’s had a romantic place in my heart ever since, and I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to visit as much as I have. Most people only hear stories of places like Paris, or maybe get to see it once if they’re lucky. I just have to pinch myself and stay grateful that I get to do this in life.

Thinking back to your childhood, what’s one of the earliest jewellery memories you have? 

Jewellery wasn’t something we had much of because we didn’t grow up with much, it was either inherited or it had been in the family forever. But I do remember my mom inherited a pearl necklace from her grand-mother. I also remember my mom was into really nice pens. I got her a Cartier pen for her birthday once. It was this gorgeous, beautiful pen, and she insisted I signed my record deal with that pen.

G-Eazy wears Bulgari white gold Serpenti high jewellery necklace, set with two pear brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé-set diamonds; Balenciaga clothing

Are there any particular pieces you own today that hold great sentimental value to you?

The Rolex I always wanted is the yellow gold Presidential Day-Date. It’s the ultimate watch in my mind. I wear it pretty much every single day; it’s just a timeless, beautiful timepiece that’s a statement of elegance, not just status, but taste and achievement in life. I bought it in between weekend one and two when I played Coachella in 2016. Playing Coachella had always been a dream of mine; so I celebrated and treated myself by finally getting the watch I really wanted.

Read the full cover story in our autumn 2023 issue, available here.

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