Virtual NFT Jubilee crown by Gary James McQueen, Jevels and The Immersive Kind

Celebrate the Jubilee with Gary James McQueen, The Immersive Kind and Jevels' virtual crown, an exciting new development in the jewellery world

23 May 2022

The digital artist Gary James McQueen has teamed up with The Immersive Kind and Jevels to release a virtual Jubilee Crown to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The piece is wearable via an augmented reality (AR) filter, which is accessible through a QR code.

McQueen, who is the nephew of the late Alexander McQueen, chose the digital format so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy the crown during this time of celebration and occasion.

McQueen NFT Jubilee crown
Gary James McQueen in the Jubilee crown

“I wanted to convey a feeling of the quintessential English garden and took inspiration from the Victorian ‘Posy’ flower arrangement where a crown of flowers circulates a single crowning Rose,” says McQueen. “For me this is the perfect tribute to the nature of our Queen Elizabeth II who leads with nurturing kindness and love.”

Gary James McQueen
Gary James McQueen

The crown can be accessed through social media, see below, and can be worn in online meeting rooms as well as on social media. It will later be released via tokenised NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and be available in two limited editions in Tier 1 and Tier 2 with additional perks, including the source file for wearability in the Metaverse and a virtual meet with the artist himself.

Jevels NFT Jubilee crown
The virtual Jubilee Crown

The Immersive Kind is a decentralised Web 3.0 digital fashion and immersive art studio, which creates interoperable collections wearable in VR, AR, and across cyberspaces and digital worlds.

Jevels, which stands for virtual jewels, is an NFT platform dedicated to bringing virtual jewellery and fashion accessories into the virtual space. All NFTs are created by designers and brands from all over the world and are wearable through AR and/or VR. 

“The Jubilee Crown was created by Gary James McQueen in collaboration with Jevels and The Immersive Kind,” says Zuzana Bastian, Jevels’ founder, “to enable everyone around the world to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by wearing this virtual crown and to give the opportunity to dive into the world of virtual fashion at the same time.”

Try out the crown here and here.


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