Georgina Rodriguez’s jewellery collection

Georgina Rodriguez and her jewellery star in the Netflix documentary I Am Georgina. She reportedly has a jewellery collection worth £3.4 million. Both she and her jewellery are getting a second Nextflix season as another series of her show has been commissioned. We take a deep dive into her jewellery collection

Georgina Rodriguez and her jewellery are the stars of a new Netflix show about Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo’s significant other. We are introduced to his 28-year-old girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, in the series I Am Georgina. And among the things we get to know about her is a love of jewellery.

She’s not the only one in the family, though. Her footballer partner has been noted for wearing the most expensive Rolex watch available: the Rolex GMT-Master Ice watch, which features 18ct white gold and hundreds of smaller 30-carat diamonds. And a diamond band spotted on his wedding finger is reportedly worth an estimated £50,000.

Back to Georgina Rodriguez’ jewellery. It was Georgina’s birthday earlier this month and to celebrate, the football player had images of her projected onto Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower. Her self-confessed penchant for big diamonds was pretty clear. Reportedly, she has a jewellery collection worth £3.4 million.

“I love emeralds, sapphires, rubies. I love diamonds. What’s more expensive? Rubies or diamonds?,” says Rodriguez. And in the show we join her shopping for jewellery in Cannes. Both diamonds and rubies feature hugely.

Georgina Rodriguez in Cannes 2021

She also explains that once upon a time she would just go window-shopping for such extravagances but that dreams do come true. Apparently the first jewellery she got were heart-shaped earrings with a matching necklace, a gift from Cristiano for Christmas.

At the end of last year, the footballer’s knack for gift-giving hit the headlines when he spent a reported £105k on a Louis Vuitton jewellery trunk for Georgina. Inside, it featured a bust for necklaces to be displayed, as well as drawers.

It’s perhaps not surprising that with such a lifestyle she has a whopping 34.7 million followers on Instagram. Or that a second series has been commissioned. We’re expecting plenty more jewellery action in the vein of the Chopard necklace, featuring a sapphire heart-shaped pendant and diamonds, that Rodriguez wore at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Chopard pendant necklace
Chopard emerald heart shaped pendant necklace Georgina wore in 2019

This Chopard necklace was from The Red Carpet collection featuring a heart-shaped sapphire (60ct), heart shaped diamonds (47ct) set in 18-carat white gold. She once again opted for Chopard jewellery to complete her red-carpet look at Cannes in 2021. This Chopard necklace is created from Fairmined-certified ethical 18-carat white gold set with pear-shaped emeralds (54.1cts), pear-shaped green tourmalines (44.4cts), pear-shaped beryls (43.8cts), brilliant-cut diamonds (14.8cts) and heart-shaped tsavorites (10.8cts).

Chopard necklace set with pear-shaped emeralds, pear-shaped green tourmalines , pear-shaped beryls, brilliant-cut diamonds and heart-shaped tsavorites

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