We love Gucci’s iconic jewellery and watch campaign

Gucci’s most iconic jewellery and watch designs are captured in stills and film by photographer and director Ezra Petronio for a campaign true to the brand's history

By Maria Jakobsen

The Interlocking G and GG Running lines, together with the G-Timeless and Gucci Dive timepieces, are the stars of Gucci’s newest campaign.

The latest pieces of the Interlocking G line, named after the way the mirroring Gs of the iconic Gucci logo interlock with each other, include an array of necklaces, earrings and rings crafter in yellow and white gold and sprinkled with pavé diamonds. 

The latest Interlocking G pieces celebrate the iconic Gucci logo

The double G logo featured on the Interlocking G line is central to Gucci’s DNA, having been the luxury brand’s logo since 1992, and the jewellery is immediately recognizable as Gucci designs. The GG Running designs feature the non-mirrored version of the double G logo, and are interspersed throughout the new campaign, including open-shank bracelets in yellow and white gold.

The green malachite and gold bee dial G-Timeless watch is the star of the new Gucci campaign

G-Timeless is one of Gucci’s most iconic classic watch collections, offering both classic and timeless details, alongside contemporary and fashionable designs. The new campaign highlights two designs with striking green malachite dials: a 38mm automatic edition with a green alligator strap and a 32mm quartz edition with a bi-colour bracelet in steel and yellow gold. In addition, there are two small-sized quartz editions on stainless steel bracelets, one with a blue lapis lazuli dial and the other features a pink lacquered dial. Each of the G-Timeless watch dials feature 15 bees on the dial. The bee is one of many iconic Gucci animal motifs, and first featured in Gucci’s ready-to-wear collections in the 70s.

The new Gucci Dive watch is water resistant up to 300 metres

For those looking for a sportier design, the campaign also foregrounds the 40mm Gucci Dive automatic edition, with its black ceramic dial and steel bracelet. While Gucci have been creating fashion timepieces since the 70s, the luxury fashion house only released its first diving watch in 2013. 

Now, this new model represents a significant technical innovation for the brand, increasing its water resistance to up to 300 metres.

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