A look inside Usher’s outstanding jewellery box

Ahead of Usher's much anticipated half time performance at the Super Bowl, we take a peek at the musicians's sparkling jewellery collection, which includes talismanic charms, diamond-strewn chains and custom pieces by LA jeweller, Jacquie Aiche

19 August 2022

By Kim Parker

Whatever your thoughts on Usher‘s music (come on, his floor fillers are total classics), it’s hard to deny that the man has serious style. And if his outfits from his recent musical residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas are anything to go by (think aubergine velvet trousers and matching waistcoat, and an 80s-esque shell suit, complete with roller-skates), we can expect some seriously punchy looks at this weekend’s Super Bowl half time show, where Usher is slated to perform.


The musician’s jewellery selection was especially eye-catching in Las Vegas, telegraphing his status as a king on stage. His large diamond stud earrings were very much in evidence, albeit worn mid-ear rather than on his lobes for a modern update on his signature look. There were also elegant tumbles of white gold and diamond chains and ‘U’ initialled pendants in various sizes – ideal for dazzling beneath the spotlights . His wrists were stacked with gold chains, pearl bracelets and an eye-catching gold watch (of course), and there were effortless layers of assorted charm necklaces, worn with more than a dash of insouciance. The message couldn’t have been clearer: this is a man who enjoys his jewellery.

Usher showcased some dazzling jewels during his Las Vegas residency (image courtesy of Jacquie Aiche)

“Whenever I collaborate with Usher, I find his ideas to be so imaginative. Through every custom project we work on together, he always comes to me with so many ideas and amazing twists. His creativity is endless. He has an eye for the aesthetic and the energy of fine jewellery, which is something I truly appreciate,” says the LA-based jeweller, Jacquie Aiche, who created many of the sparkling jewels Usher wore during his residency, including a sunray-like diamond pin featuring slices of ornamental stone and colourful gemstones.

“Usher’s stylist walked me through what he wanted to embody his style. She shared the fabrics and colour-ways of the clothing and Usher shared that he was drawn to these incredible, vintage-inspired brooches,” Aiche explained, of their collaborative process for his stage performances. “Keeping all of this in mind, I hand-selected stones and began designing a few pieces that felt really special and that I knew would compliment his energy. The result was magic.”

Usher for SKIMS
Usher appears in a brand new ad campaign for Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand SKIMS, wearing diamond jewels by Jacquie Aiche

Now, Aiche’s sparkling handiwork for Usher can be seen once again in his brand new campaign images for SKIMS, which have just been released ahead of the Super Bowl. Along with Kim Kardashian’s now-iconic undies, the musician can be seen wearing a Jacquie Aiche ‘neck stack’, including her diamond Rolo Snake chain, a large diamond and pearl cross charm and a full-pave curb chain necklace.

With the eyes of the world, not just Las Vegas, being trained on Usher during the Super Bowl this weekend, perhaps jewellery fans can expect a bit more diamond ‘magic’ to come. We will just have to wait and see.

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