Jewellery inspired by King Charles’ coronation

With King Charles' coronation just weeks away, British jewellers Hirsh, David Morris and Boodles have all unveiled regal new jewels inspired by the pomp and ceremony of the occasion. From miniature crowns and coaches to symbols of King Charles III's personality, we round up the best pieces to invest in

By Kim Parker

When his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned in 1953, it prompted a flurry of commemorative merchandise, including mugs, scarves, coins and spoons. Now, with King Charles III’s coronation around the corner, today’s jewellers are finally unveiling the celebratory pieces they have been crafting as a tribute.

yellow diamond butterfly
A yellow diamond butterfly by Hirsh London unveiled for King Charles’ Coronation

London jeweller Hirsh is creating a one-of-a-kind yellow diamond butterfly brooch as a glittering ode to the King Charles’ love of nature. The royal’s passionate and influential promotion of environmentalism and sustainability have inspired a piece that represents hope and fresh beginnings. Handmade in the brand’s Mayfair atelier, Hirsh’s brooch is crafted from yellow gold and platinum, with a central kite-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond and ‘en tremblant’ wings set with yellow, green, orange, cognac and white diamonds.

David Morris ring for King Charles' Coronation
David Morris’ Coronation ring features a central blue spinel

Meanwhile, David Morris is launching two one-off jewels, inspired by the red, white and blue hues of the Union Jack. The high jewellery Coronation ring features an impressive 17.30 carat central blue spinel, surrounded by red spinels and white diamonds. Another piece, the unique Coronation Tiara, is inspired by the petals of a trillium flower and is set with over 24 carats of round and rose-cut diamonds.

Annoushka crown charm
Crown Coronation charm by Annoushka

Annoushka Ducas is crafting a tiny tribute to St. Edward’s Crown, which King Charles will wear on Coronation day. Forged in 18ct yellow gold, the new limited-edition locket charm is set with sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds and has a central carved amethyst. Only 100 will be available.

Boodles ring for King Charles' Coronation
The Gemini ring by Boodles

When completed, Boodles’ unique Gemini ring will feature a gleaming pair of heart-shaped diamonds mined from the same source as the famous Cullinan diamonds, which play a prominent role in many royal jewels. In this ring, the diamonds are framed with pink and white brilliants, arranged in a floral motif.

Alex Monroe coronation charm bracelet
Coronation charm bracelet by Alex Monroe

The new Coronation charm bracelet by Alex Monroe revisits some of the charm designs created by the jeweller for his 2015 collaboration with the Royal Collections Trust. The gold chain features a miniature royal carriage, bumblebee, crown, pint of beer and a rose crest.

Faberge Coronation charm
Commemorative Coronation locket by Fabergé

Fabergé is a name long synonymous with royal patronage. To celebrate the Coronation, the historic jeweller is launching a surprise locket shaped like of its infamous eggs. Created in yellow gold and diamonds and hand-painted with red guilloché enamel, the dainty locket contains a miniature gold crown, studded with round blue sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Garrard Aloria coronation earrings
Aloria Earrings by Garrard

Former Royal jewellers Garrard have created new Aloria earrings to celebrate the Coronation, their soft, almost heart-shaped design inspired by the setting of the Cullinan I diamond on top of the Sovereign’s Sceptre, which the house set into the sceptre for King George V in 1910. Crafted in white gold, adorned with white diamonds and calibré cut amethysts (purple is traditionally the colour associated with royalty), these pieces represent the long association with the British jeweller with the nation’s ancient Regalia.

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