Lewis Hamilton shows off his Stephen Webster ‘Divorce’ ring on the Hot Ones show

Jeweller Stephen Webster explains the jewellery he made for Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton who finally made his debut on the Hot Ones chat show

By Kim Parker

What does a Formula One mega-star wear to eat some of the world’s spiciest (vegan) wings whilst being interviewed on Hot Ones? Turns out, it’s jewellery by the iconic British jeweller, Stephen Webster.

Lewis Hamilton on Hot Ones wearing Stephen Webster jewellery
Previously too nervous to take on the renowned Hot Ones spice challenge, Lewis Hamilton finally appeared on the show wearing Stephen Webster jewellery (photo @Instagram)

The record-breaking, seven-time World Championship racing driver has long been a fan of the innovative interview show on YouTube, which revolves around celebrities answering a series of probing questions whilst eating ten increasingly spicy hot wings.

Hot Ones’ combination of well-researched and in-depth questions combined with hilarious reactions from stars as they munch their way through violently seasoned chicken (or a vegan alternative, as in Hamilton’s case) has garnered the show a huge cult following, including amongst celebrities themselves. Everyone from Charlize Theron and Michael B Jordan to Travis Kelce, DJ Khaled, Cara Delevigne, Scarlett Johansson and Billie Eilish have all appeared on the show. Some stars, like Seth Rogen, Justin Timberlake and Keke Palmer, adore the show so much, they have made multiple appearances.

Hamilton explained to host Sean Evans at the start of his interview that he was “a big fan of everything you’ve been doing” on Hot Ones, though he did also admit to having some pre-filming jitters about facing down its infamously spicy snacks. “You know I’ve cancelled [appearing] several times, I apologise. A part of it was the schedule, but mostly it was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it’,” he said. “I genuinely love hot sauce. I like, do try and go out my way to find a good hot sauce…[but] a couple of friends came on here and they did also tell me, they tried to frighten me off, they told me the night afterwards, they were on the toilet for ages.”

Lewis Hamilton on Hot Ones wearing Stephen Webster jewellery
Hamilton appeared on the Hot Ones show wearing his infamous ‘Divorce’ ring by Stephen Webster

What jewellery fans have quickly come to realise is that the close-up filming format that Hot Ones demands also provides the perfect opportunity for celebrities to show off some amazing bling, along with their chilli tolerance.

A renowned collector, Hamilton finally took his turn in the ‘hot seat’ wearing an array of impressive jewellery, including diamond-set hoops, a multi-coloured pearl necklace and matching bracelet, diamond nose stud, and also a huge cross-shaped cocktail ring by none other than British jeweller, Stephen Webster MBE – who has previously collaborated with fellow Hot Ones alum, Machine Gun Kelly.

Originally named Webster’s Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll ring, after a line by the singer-songwriter Ian Drury, the design first debuted in 1999 and has been a hit ever since. Hamilton’s version is crafted in 18k yellow gold and set with a carved citrine and diamonds.

Webster revealed he was thrilled to see Hamilton wearing his jewellery to take on the Hot Ones challenge. “We have had a lot of mileage, excuse the pun, from Lewis owning and proudly wearing his Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll ring,” he said. “First, there was the reference to it being his ‘divorce’ ring, as he consistently wore it during press interviews regarding his move from Mercedes to Ferrari. We coined the term and his team picked up on it and started using it, too.”

Lewis Hamilton's Stephen Webster ring
Hamilton’s Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll ring is created with yellow gold, carved citrine and diamonds

Claiming that his family are huge fans of spicy food, Webster also teasingly suggested that Lewis’ pained reaction to some of the sauces meant he had some catching up to do. “We are a family who travel with our own hot sauce, so when Lewis – obviously an amateur, when it comes to spicy – is sporting [the ring] so centre stage while sweating it out during the show, it was a food and ring pairing made in heaven for us spicy Websters.”

Whether Hamilton completely enjoyed his time on Hot Ones is a matter of debate (there were times he actually looked like he was in agony), but at least his jewellery looked finger-licking good on screen.

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