Need to know Ana Khouri jewellery designs

Khouri describes herself as an artist, jeweller and entrepreneur

“Jewellery is my medium,” says the designer Ana Khouri, who spent time growing up between Brazil and America. “And to make it, by nature, is to be mindful of its techniques and the value of such fine materials.” 

A design by Ana Khouri

Khouri, who describes herself as an artist, jeweller and entrepreneur, is known for her ethereal, contemporary and seemingly simple designs: they sparkle and they shimmer with an intense not flippant attitude. “My goal is to spin these precious materials into something that is much more than an extravagant accessory,” she says. 

A ring by Ana Khouri

It was in the field of Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture, that Khouri’s career began. She began to think about shape and form on the wearer, but not in the clothing sense. Next came degrees from GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) and Parsons and she also undertook some specialised studies in jewellery. It would be this she combined with her sculpture background to begin her journey, something which began in 2002, working on special projects, but that officially got underway in 2013 when she launched her namesake brand in New York. 

Ana Khouri jewellery

There is a simplicity about her work which is underpinned by total beauty. “The feeling I want to impart is one of radiance, in every sense,” she says. “That of light, of emotion, of energy and, of course, that of beauty.” Her work is made exclusively with Fairmined, Fairtrade gold or platinum and ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones. 

Khouri has collaborated with The Row and Sotheby’s; and had her designs worn by Kamala Harris, as well as Angelina Jolie, Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway.