New Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up connected watch

This latest smart watch from Louis Vuitton is all about about customisation as the third generation of Louis Vuitton’s smart watch offering is continued

19 January 2022

By Ian Thorley

Tech meets luxury in the latest incarnation of Louis Vuitton’s renowned Tambour watch. This latest smart watch from the Maison is all about customisation as the third generation of Louis Vuitton’s smart watch offering is continued with the Tambour Horizon Light Up. Housed in the familiar Tambour case, the Horizon Light Up is described by the brand as the world’s most customisable connected watch. 

Multiple versions of this new smart watch are available. The watch comes in three different case choices – Polished Steel, Matte Black and Matte Brown.

Tambour Horizon Light Up Family

Customisation can then continue with the dial, from which there is a choice of eight different options. Also included is a striped animation version, which neatly imitates the stripes on the early trunks from the house. Additionally the wearer can pick from a colour palette of eleven different options. Sitting behind the Louis Vuitton monogram that rings the dial are housed 24 tiny lights that light up when notifications are received.

Tambour Horizon Light Up Matte Brown

A new operating system has also been developed, the first from a luxury house that’s fully compatible with an apple phone. Louis Vuitton is the first luxury brand to be able to boast that it is fully ‘MFI’ – made for iPhone. Delving into the Louis Vuitton connect app further allows the user to choose an array of various further functions for their watch. 

As expected the watch functionality is simple to operate. A swipe right of the face shows ‘My Day’. A choice of the days agenda, weather, step count, heart rate and even the local air quality is then displayed. Swiping down shows notifications, while sweeping up reveals further choices from alarms, music and alipay. A swipe to the right and the wearer can see their travel plans at an instant, as well as offering access to thirty of the brands renowned City Guides.

Tambour Horizon Light Up Steel

More versions can be expected during the course of the year including a Valentines special as well as Christmas and Lunar New Year. Lastly, a quick change strap system allows the wearer to swap between the three different straps on offer. 

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