Opal and tourmaline birthstone jewels for October

Those with October birthdays have two beautiful birthstones to choose from. Vibrant opals and tourmalines are both associated with the autumnal month, and we round up the finest examples from the likes of Cartier, Tiffany and Chaumet

By Kim Parker

Congratulations, lucky Librans. October is a month associated with two dazzling and vibrant birthstones, the opal and the tourmaline.

Opal’s famously iridescent glow is due to tiny inclusions of silica within its makeup which refract light, rather than reflecting it, bestowing each gem with a rainbow of different hues.

For centuries, this spectacular stone was associated with royalty and good fortune, magic, and mystery (including astral projection) due to its unearthly colour-shifting qualities. Arabic legends tell of opals falling from the sky during thunderstorms, trapping flashes of lightning within. Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks believed opals could act as talismans, imbuing their wearer with the powers of prophesy and protection from disease.

Tourmalines, meanwhile, are the gemstone found in the widest variety of colours on earth. From the neon-bright blues and greens of Brazilian Paraíba tourmalines to fascinating dual-coloured ‘watermelon’ tourmalines via juicy, pink and red rubellite tourmalines, these gorgeous stones have fascinated humanity for centuries. Each colour is thought to have its own particular healing properties, with black gems thought to bestow a protective aura, green stones associated with bravery and strength, and pink stones believed to be connected to love and compassion.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the otherworldly glow of a black or fire opal, or to the rich, radiant colour of a gleaming tourmaline, we’ve found the prettiest pieces available right now.


Cartier opal earrings
Opal, diamond and sapphire high jewellery earrings by Cartier


Tasaki necklace
Fire opal, tourmaline, Akoya pearl, diamond, tanzanite, sapphire and garnet Atelier Ore necklace by Tasaki

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co opal high jewellery cuff
Opal and diamond high jewellery cuff by Tiffany & Co.


Chaumet opal ring
Opal and diamond high jewellery ring by Chaumet

Hirsh London

Hirsh London tourmaline earrings
Tourmaline earrings by Hirsh London

Mason & Books

Mason and Books opal ring
One of a kind opal and diamond ring, by Mason & Books

Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson tourmaline necklace
Tourmaline necklace by Ruth Tomlinson


Pomellato tourmaline high jewellery earrings
Tourmaline high jewellery earrings by Pomellato

Stephen Webster

Watermelon tourmaline ring by Stephen Webster
Watermelon tourmaline ring by Stephen Webster

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche opal and gemstone earrings
Opal and gemstone earrings by Jacquie Aiche

Ashley Zhang

Opal bracelet by Ashley Zhang
Opal bracelet by Ashley Zhang


Boodles tourmaline ring
Tourmaline high jewellery ring by Boodles

Hannah Blount

Opal necklace by Hannah Blount
Opal necklace by Hannah Blount


Opal ring by Retrouvai
Opal ring by Retrouvai

Nadine Aysoy

opal earrings by Nadine Aysoy
Opal earrings by Nadine Aysoy


Opal necklace by Nakard
Opal necklace by Nakard

Cover image: Photography by Carla Guler; Styling by Mariola Kugler

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