Repossi reveals new Antifer pieces for collection’s 10th anniversary

The Antifer collection has become a Repossi icon in the last ten years. For the collection’s 10th anniversary, Repossi has unveiled five new pieces and an exclusive high jewellery set in true radical and minimalist style

By Maria Jakobsen

Ten years ago, Repossi launched Antifer, a collection focused on reinventing jewellery codes. The collection draws on contemporary art and architecture, and features minimalist, radical lines and sharp angles. With this collection, Repossi has sought beauty in simplicity, and an avant-garde interpretation of jewellery classics. One of the iconic Antifer designs has became Repossi’s version of a traditional wedding ring, which reimagines the classic band with projecting angles and peaks.

The stacked ring is a celebration of Antifer’s 10th anniversary, with ten asymmetrical rings joining together in a random rhythm

To celebrate this brand pillar, Repossi have created five new pieces and an exclusive high jewellery set that draws upon the fundamental Antifer principles: design and jewellery excellence. With their radical simplicity, these pieces closely link Repossi with art and design.

The collection opens with a celebration of the collection’s anniversary – a ten-row stacked ring, each row representing a year of Antifer. With its tall structure and asymmetry, it’s a relatively maximalist interpretation of the iconic Antifer wedding ring design. 

All 29 links in the new Antifer necklace are shaped after the original iconic wedding ring

The iconic shape continues throughout the five new pieces. One necklace sees the repetition of the angular shape on 29 gold links, including a double diamond-set motif. Two hoop earrings contain a double Antifer motif in either a medium or large size and can be worn alone or as a pair. Lastly, a long pendant necklace features a fully-paved Antifer motif on a minimalist chain.

In addition to these five pieces, the 10th anniversary collection also presents an exclusive set of three pieces. The pendant necklace is composed of a double Antifer motif set with 62 square-cut diamonds. It’s accompanied by a matching, 4-row paved, ring which totals at 2.4 carats, as well as 4.3-carat hoop earrings which contain a total of 128 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The 4.3-carat hoop earrings consist of 128 brilliant-cut diamonds and are part of a three-piece exclusive set

Celebrating the Antifer collection’s references to art and design, Repossi has collaborated with gallery owner Amélie du Chalard to create a unique artistic curation. Six artists, all with wildly different techniques and materials, were chosen to create works inspired by the Antifer collection.

Artists featured in the collaboration include: Florence Grundeler, Victorie d’Hartcourt, François Kenesi, Michel Kirsch, Marine Vu, and Guido de Zan

“Repossi is celebrating the bold union of art and jewelry by teaming up with Amelie Maison d’art, renowned for its artistic plurality ranging from sculpture to painting and photography. In this collaboration, talented artists have drawn inspiration from our Antifer collection, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, turning the traditional creative metronome on its head. The jewelry becomes a source of inspiration for these artists. This collaboration gives rise to works that transcend the boundaries of art and jewelry, offering a new perspective on the artistic dimension of Antifer,” said Anne de Vergeron, CEO of Repossi.

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