Shay shines a spotlight on rubies

If you’re looking to invest in the fiery beauty of the ruby, look no further than LA-based jeweller Shay. From pavé earrings to orbit rings, here's our edit of the label's most lust-worthy ruby jewellery that will add a red-hot twinkle to your jewellery box

9 August 2022

By Joshua Hendren

The history of the ruby is one steeped in mystery and splendour. Beloved for its fiery glow, the precious gemstone is mentioned four times in the Bible as a symbol of beauty and wisdom. As early as 2500 BC, rubies were discovered and mined in the Mogok region of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, and ever since have been considered a source of power, coveted by royalty, warriors, collectors and Hollywood’s finest.

Extremely rare and the second hardest gemstone after the diamond, rubies have long been a favourite of the most storied luxury jewellery makers, as well as contemporary labels who continue to showcase its beauty in unexpected ways.

Such is the genius of the LA-based jewellery brand Shay. Founded in 2002 by the mother-daughter duo, Tania and Ladan Shayan, the brand has become a go-to for stars like Zendaya, Rihanna, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner for high-impact jewels with a signature lustre.

When it comes to rubies, the brand offers a spectacular range of keepsakes that showcase July’s birthstone in its natural, untreated form, from pavé earrings to orbit bangles and rings spun out in 18K gold.

If you’re looking to invest in this glorious gemstone, here’s our edit of Shay’s most lust-worthy ruby jewellery that will add a red-hot twinkle to your jewellery box.

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