Sophie Bille Brahe casts Okay Kaya

Images lensed by Casper Sejersen see Okay Kaya sparkle bright dotted in diamond creations. All about Bille Brahe's new No More "I Love You's"

To bring her latest fine jewellery collection No More “I Love You’s” to life, Sophie Bille Brahe cast musician, actor and artist Kaya Wilkins. She is better known to many as Okay Kaya to star in its campaign.

And in images lensed by Casper Sejersen, Okay Kaya now sparkles bright. Although she’s dotted with Bille Brahe’s diamond creations. A modern take on the floral jewellery, Bille Brahe’s No More “I Love You’s” includes Fleur de Tennis. This is a tennis necklace centred on what resembles a short garland of flowers, albeit high-carat.

A pair of Fontaine de Fleur earrings is cast from yellow gold and set with a total of 5,94 carats of diamonds. Which are arranged to resemble a flowing fountain of cascading buds.  

There are flowers shaped from pearls, too. Among the pieces, Bille Brahe’s Peggy Fontaine necklace, a new take on the designer’s famous freshwater pearl collier. 

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