Dark romance Suzanne Kalan’s black sapphires

This year Californian designer Suzanne Kalan has moved away from coloured stones and traced her Fireworks in deep black sapphires

20 October 2021

Suzanne Kalan moves from coloured stones to black stones

Suzanne Kalan‘s black sapphire collection is a first for the designer who is normally best known for her use of colour. Kalan’s palette has previously included azure topaz, the hue of tropical seas or in cornflower blue. She has also included deep purple iolite stones or pastel pink sapphires. Her preference is to use baguette cut stones. Then, for her signature pieces Kalan sets in scattered, tactile formations. This the California headquartered designer has christened her Fireworks technique. She first established her namesake business in 1988 and is today joined by her daughter Patile Kalan.

Aria Pastel & Vera Emerald

Recent highlights include her Aria Pastel group of jewellery. Selecting princess cut sapphires, Kalan arranges the gems in a harmonious sequence of tones, set in yellow gold. Elsewhere, with her Vera Emerald Eternity band, Kalan frames the vibrant green stone with a band of icy white diamonds.

Black sapphires used in Suzanne Kalan

Precious pyrotechnics.

This year Kalan has traced her Fireworks in deep black sapphires. It’s been a first for the brand. “I’ve been collecting black sapphires for some time now,” says Kalan. “The more I looked at them the more I was captivated by their elegance and edginess.” It’s been a considered move. Kalan’s darkly iridescent pieces will appeal to her ever extending list of male customers and her retailers. Among them are Liberty London, Harrods and Dover Street Market who have named black stoned jewellery a trend. Black sapphires are also believed to impact a grounding, centring energy.

Suzanne Kalan does black sapphires

Both are properties that appeal this year. Kalan’s black sapphire gems include a choice of two eternity bands and a bracelet, all crafted from 18k yellow gold.

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