Tabayer debuts the second edition of its Oera collection

We take a look at Edition 02 of Tabayer's Oera collection, which includes sculptural coils of gold, studded with champagne and brown diamonds

22 November 2022

By Joshua Hendren

Within just three years, Tabayer, the brainchild of US-based designer Nigora Tokhtabayeva, has established itself as a frontrunner in the fine jewellery space, differentiating itself with its use of fair mined gold and conflict-free, Kimberley Process certified gemstones.

A pioneer in sleek, sculptural, wearable pieces, the brand has delighted its loyal client base with a new collection of coiled jewels.

Updating its signature Oera collection with the suitably titled Edition 02, the new line-up of treasures reinterprets this iconic jewellery silhouette in the soft-hued glow of rose gold.

Imbued with an understated appeal, the highlight of Edition 02 is undoubtedly the Oera pendant, a discreet knot of gold studded with champagne and brown diamonds and suspended from a delicate chain.

Other pieces include this Oera ring, with its singular round diamond, and the sculptural Oera hoops (again, sprinkled with diamond dust), which, luckily for us, are available to pre-order now online.

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