The best peridot birthstone jewellery

Looking for the perfect August birthday gift? We've curated the prettiest peridot birthstone jewellery to delight your loved ones (or yourself). From glistening signet rings by Ray Griffiths to cascading gem-set earrings by Annoushka, these lime-tinted jewels are sure to delight

By Kim Parker

Forged with intense heat deep within the earth or delivered from space within the body of a meteorite, glowing green peridot has long been associated with extreme conditions and strength.

A Super Lucky Stone

The ancient Egyptians called peridot ‘the gem of the sun’, and mined the grassy-hued stone at Zabargad, an island in the Red Sea, as early as 400 BC. They wore it as a protective talisman, set in gold to defend against nightmares and evil spirits.

Today, the gemstone is associated with the month of August and is found as far afield as Myanmar, the Changbai Mountains of China, Arizona, New Mexico and Norway. There is even a green beach called Papakolea on Hawaii’s Big Island which is made up of tiny crystals of peridot, which were forced to the earth’s surface through volcanic activity and have been weathered out of the ancient lava flow that once held them captive. According to Hawaiian lore, peridot is said to be the tears of Pele, a gift from the volcanic goddess that attracts wealth and good luck to its wearer.

Is it a Peridot or an Emerald?

Because of its rich olive green tint, peridot has often been mistaken for emeralds throughout history – it’s believed many of the stones in Cleopatra’s infamous emerald collection were actually peridots, and the three large ’emeralds’ which adorn the Reliquary of the Magi in Cologne, Germany, are actually enormous peridots weighing over 200 carats each.

However, there’s no mistaking peridot’s eternal allure in modern jewellery, especially when it’s set against a gemstone of a contrasting hue such as ruby, turquoise or onyx. If you’re looking for a chic way to celebrate an August birthday, look no further than our edit of precious peridot jewels.

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