The best Toi Et Moi engagement rings for 2024

If you need help navigating the world of engagement rings, or choosing a certain style, you might want to consider the Toi et Moi. French for “You and Me”, the design, as the name suggests, is highly romantic and the ultimate symbol of union

By Maria Jakobsen

If you’re dreaming of a toi et moi ring for your engagement here is our definitive guide. For those unfamiliar, a toi et moi is a bypass ring, where the precious metal coils around the finger with two complimentary gemstones to represent you and your partner.

The sentimental toi et moi style originated in the 1700s when Napoleon Bonaparte presented his bride-to-be, Josephine, with an engagement ring festooned with two pear-shaped stones – a blue sapphire, and a white diamond set in gold.

Today, a handful of major celebrities favour the style, including Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and, most famously, Megan Fox, who wears a stunning engagement ring by the British jeweller Stephen Webster MBE, commissioned by her husband Machine Gun Kelly as two rings, one emerald and one diamond, set with thorns drawn together symbolising that love is pain.

From diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones galore, read on for 14 of our favourite toi et moi rings.

Ole Lynggaard

Ole Lynggaard yellow gold ring, set with rutilated quartz, green tourmaline and diamonds

This toi et moi has a boho twist. Set in yellow gold, the style comes hand-set with rutilated quartz, green tourmaline and 5 twinkling diamonds. Meanwhile, the hammered and polished gold surfaces are hand-finished by Ole Lynggaard’s master goldsmiths. 

Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack yellow gold and white gold ring, set with diamonds

While coloured gemstones are often favoured for toi et moi styles, diamond versions are also available for those who enjoy their traditional sparkle and symbolism. Here, two diamonds, one pear cut, the other heart shaped, both in Georgian cut-down settings, sparkle next to each other as symbols of love. This particular gem is a highlight of Mayfair-based jeweller Jessica McCormack’s Bridal Edit collection.


KatKim yellow gold ring, set with diamonds

This KatKim toi et moi ring features two impressively-sized asscher-cut diamonds. With a yellow gold baguette diamond-set band, the ring has a retro feel, yet offers a timeless elegance which makes it a worthy symbol of lifelong commitment. The ring is available in yellow, white and rose gold, with custom variations available with alternative stones.

Nude Jewellery

Nude Jewellery white gold ring, set with diamond and emerald

This elegant toi et moi engagement ring from Nude Jewellery symbolises the crossing of two lovers through its intertwined design. The ring comes in a variety of gemstone combinations, including the diamond and emerald combination pictured above.

Aurelia & Pierre

Aurelia & Pierre white gold ring, set with blue topaz and diamonds

This Aurelia & Pierre ring is fittingly named “Summer & Winter” and celebrates fluidity and change. The emerald-cut blue topaz symbolises summer, evoking images of inviting bodies of water, or a sun-kissed ocean. Opposite, a frosted flower, with a glittering ice of diamonds.

De Beers

De Beers platinum ring, set with diamonds

This platinum toi et moi ring creates a feeling of harmony with its pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds – another great choice for those who are drawn to the symbolism and duality of the toi et moi style and the tradition which surrounds the diamond. 

Ring Concierge

Ring Concierge rose gold ring, set with pink topaz and rhodolite garnet

Ring Concierge offer a fully personalised toi et moi ring, allowing for the ultimate self-expression. Whether combining different birthstones or selecting based on colour alone, Ring Concierge provides a great option for those wanting a specific pair of gemstones in certain shapes. Pictured above, a rose gold style set with a pink topaz and a rhodolite garnet captures the colours of love.

Aurelia & Pierre

Aurelia & Pierre yellow gold ring, set with citrine and diamonds

Another ring that stands out in Aurelia & Pierre’s collection is the Le Papillon. Unlike the traditional toi et moi, Aurelia & Pierre combine a show-shopping gemstone with a diamond motif. Here, a diamond butterfly symbolises transformation and life. It sits next to a sunshine-coloured citrine, a bright and colourful option for someone who exudes positive energy.

Rachel Boston

Rachel Boston yellow gold and platinum ring, set with diamonds

This Rachel Boston toi et moi ring features a uniquely-cut hexagon orangish-yellow diamond, alongside a baguette-cut white diamond. The Priapus ring is handcrafted from start to finish in the UK using recycled yellow gold and platinum. With the double band and the hexagon-cut diamond, the ring offers a slightly edgier touch for a modern bride-to-be.

Kika Alvarenga

Kika Alvarenga yellow gold ring, set with green tourmaline

Kika Alvarenga’s Fire Invertido ring is a unique take on the toi et moi. Rustic in design, the ring is centred by two blueish-green tourmalines. Like a discovered treasure, the ring’s organic setting sets it apart from traditional design and makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance the stones’ natural beauty.

Anpé Atelier

Anpé Atelier white gold ring, set with tourmaline and tanzanite

Danish brand Anpé Atelier specialises in pairing beautiful, pastel-toned gemstones. This Aparta Dam ring features a natural, unheated tourmaline and a natural tanzanite, set in white gold. The soft colour combination gives the ring a delicate feel, perfect for those who want a pop of colour that can be worn every day.


Shay yellow gold ring, set with pearl and emerald

Pearls are often considered a risky choice for engagement ring stones, as they are soft and easy to damage, thus rendering them unsuitable for daily wear. However, they are great option for special occasion jewellery. This tilted halo twin ring by Los Angeles’ Shay is quite the statement maker, defined by a natural pearl and halo-set emerald.


Boucheron rose gold ring, set with rhodolite garnets

The Serpeng Bohème two-stone ring is a signature design of French maison Boucheron. This particular iteration features a subtle snake motif in rose gold with two drop-cut rhodolite garnets representing the snakes’ heads.


Ruchi white gold ring, set with diamonds

Ruchi’s Gemma toi et moi ring features two pear-cut diamonds – one white, the other fancy yellow – suspended on a band half-set with matching round pavé diamonds.

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