The jewellery in Netflix’s Harry & Meghan

The final three episodes of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's docuseries, Harry & Meghan, weren't short of statement jewels. Here, we recap the most hotly discussed baubles featured throughout the show

By Joshua Hendren

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released the second and final instalment of their bombshell Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, which tracks their decision to step down as working members of the Royal Family. 

With these concluding episodes comes high drama, not just in the unprecedented topics discussed, but the symbolic jewellery featured on screen, too. Here, we break down the most significant jewels worn by Meghan throughout the show, from touching royal heirlooms to bejewelled expressions of love.

Princess Diana’s Cartier Tank Française

The jewellery in Harry & Meghan
The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex wearing the gold Cartier Tank Française (Getty Images)

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex discuss their first dance, you may have noticed the Cartier Tank Française timepiece, once owned by the late Princess of Wales, shimmering in gold on Meghan’s wrist. 

Inspired by the tread of a Renault FT-17 light tank, a ferocious French machine used during the first World War, the watch was designed by Louis Cartier, the founder’s grandson, in 1917, drawing upon the modern architecture of the Renault, as well as the growing Cubism movement, for its sharp, geometric design. The Tank Française made its debut into the Tank family in 1996, lauded for its integrated metal bracelet and versatile appeal. 

Diana’s Tank watch was inherited by Prince William after her death in 1997. It later passed to Prince Harry, who swapped the Princess of Wales’ diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring for the gold treasure when William began planning his proposal to Kate Middleton in 2010.

A gift from Harry to Meghan, Diana’s Tank Française was first spotted on the Duchess of Sussex at a Fortune magazine summit back in 2020. 

Cartier Love bracelet

The jewellery in Harry & Meghan
Meghan Markle wears a Cartier Love bracelet in 2011 (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

There are few jewellery icons to rival the popularity and timeless quality of the Cartier Love bracelet. The oval band, formed of two rigid arcs that must be screwed together and removed with a gold screwdriver (an expression of everlasting love), was designed by  Italian jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969, just a year after he joined the French jewellery house. Since its creation, the iconic bangle has glistened across the arms of the glitterati, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Jenner and, of course, Meghan Markle.

Jennifer Meyer tennis bracelet 

The jewellery in Harry & Meghan
The Duchess of Sussex wears a Jennifer Meyer tennis bracelet at Global Citizen Live in 2021 (Photo by NDZ/Star Max/GC Images)

A contemporary twist on a classic style, Meghan’s Gold Bezel tennis bracelet comes courtesy of her friend, Los Angeles jeweller Jennifer Meyer.

The jewellery in Harry & Meghan
The Duchess of Sussex wears a Jennifer Meyer tennis bracelet at Global Citizen Live in 2021 (Photo by NDZ/Star Max/GC Images)

Hand spun in 18K yellow gold, the style brings a timeless approach to a small, artful statement that can stacked, layered, or styled alone.

Sophie Lis Love pendant

The jewellery in Harry & Meghan
The Duchess of Sussex wears Sophis Lis’ Love pendant (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Eagle-eyed royal fans may already recognise this final poignant piece. For a meditation scene, Meghan opted to wear a Love pendant by Notting Hill-based jeweller Sophie Lis. The pendant, which is inspired by a 1907 piece by Lyonnais designer Alphonse Augis, has woven its inspiration into a tale of 22-carat gold vermeil, studded with a halo of diamonds.

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