Tokio Myers creates symphony for Jaeger-leCoultre

Talented British-Jamaican musician Tokio Myers has scored a unique sound-and-light show in London for Swiss watchmaker Jaeger Le-Coultre. The free-to-attend show celebrates the mathematical Golden Ratio, which lies at the heart of beautiful design

31 August 2023

By Kim Parker

This September, maths and music will come together in a unique show commissioned by Swiss watchmaker, Jaeger Le-Coultre. And multi-hyphenate British musician Tokio Myers (who stormed to victory on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2017) has composed an original soundtrack to accompany the one-of-a-kind sound and light show.

Taking place at the 1931 Cinema, set within London’s newly restored Battersea Power Station, the production will take place between 14th-17th September 2023 and will celebrate the golden ratio, a guiding mathematical formula that defines the kind of beauty we humans find instinctively attractive.

Tokio Myers
British composer, pianist and producer Tokio Myers has scored a unique soundtrack for Jaeger-LeCoultre’s show

And what does Jaeger Le-Coultre have to do with the mathematical principle? Its original Reverso wristwatch, launched in 1931 at the height of the Art Deco movement, had proportions governed by the golden ratio, which is a classical signifier of beauty and harmony defined by early mathematicians like Euclid and Pythagoras (around 300 BC).

Celebrating its association with the ancient principle of beauty, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 10-minute ‘Golden Ratio Musical Show’ will be a 10-minute performance tracing the path of the formula from its observations in nature through to its influence on European cultural history. It will conclude with its representations within the iconic Reverso watch. For added effect, the entire production will be projected onto a giant wall of falling water and accompanied by Tokio Myers’ bespoke soundtrack.

Tokio Myers
The show will celebrate the harmonious proportions of the iconic Reverso watch, taken from an ancient mathematic principle of beauty

“Watch making and music making are both very creative arts, regardless of how different they are,” says Myers. “From the moment i met Jaeger-LeCoultre, I instantly knew that we share a similar connection and vision, with our styles of creativity and values…I am really excited to be taking the show around the world, especially to my hometown in September.”

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ‘The Golden Ratio Musical Show’ will be free for the public to attend, and will run between 14th-17th September 2023 at Battersea Power Station in London.

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