The jewellery Margot Robbie wore for her secret wedding

The Barbie star opted for layers of gold necklaces as well as her stunning pear-cut diamond engagement ring and micropavé wedding band for her secret Australian marriage to British film producer Tom Ackerley in 2016

By Maria Jakobsen

Margot Robbie’s wedding was far from the glitz and glamour of the recent Barbie movie premieres. 

In 2016, Robbie married British film producer Tom Ackerley in an intimate setting in Australia’s Byron Bay, attended by a mere 50 guests. During the secret ceremony, Robbie was an understated, beautiful bride dressed in a boho-inspired gown. 

Pictures obtained by the MailOnline show Robbie in a cream lace dress with her hair styled in toussled waves. The Barbie star paired the gown with layered gold necklaces to coordinate with the bohemian style of her dress and hair. The choice of yellow gold complimented the muted colour of the gown, and even matched Robbie’s engagement ring.

Photo: Courtesy of Margot Robbie (@margotrobbie)

After swirling rumours of the secret ceremony, Robbie confirmed the marriage with an Instagram photo showing the actress flipping her ring finger with her pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring while kissing her new husband in the background.

Pear-cut diamonds have grazed the hands of A-list stars for decades, with the most famous pear-cut diamond ring belonging to the late Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor’s 69-carat diamond was purchased by her then-husband Richard Burton for $1.1 million, and later became known as the Taylor-Burton diamond.

Photo: Courtesy of Margot Robbie (@margotrobbie)

“I absolutely love pear shaped stones,” says Aishleen Lester, founder of London-based fine jeweller Le Ster. “They create the illusion of length and fluidity. When worn, they make your fingers look slender. For me, the pear-cut diamond is just so elegant, no matter your hand or finger size.”

Robbie’s pear-cut diamond is an estimated 1.5-carats, set on a yellow gold diamond-studded band and worn with her micropavé wedding ring.

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